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Tickets Now Available for the Save Crystal River Shamrock and Roll Fundraiser

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on January 25, 2023

Non-profit conservation organization SAVE CRYSTAL RIVER announces the annual fundraiser “Shamrock and Roll,” a charity gala taking place from 6-10 PM on March 17, 2023, at Plantation on Crystal River.

Co-hosted by Crystal Harley Davidson and Plantation on Crystal River, with generous support from aquatic restoration experts Sea & Shoreline, ticket and table donations range from $450-$2,500.

Individual ticket and table contributions include a fun-packed evening, complete with a multi-course dinner, flowing beverages, live music, silent auctions and much more! As added levity, guests are encouraged to “go green to keep the waters clean” or wear their “lucky gold attire” as a dress code. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

Save Crystal River Charity Gala on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2023

The ongoing rehabilitation, planting and protection of Crystal River requires significant funding to keep the waterways plentiful and thriving. The grandeur of this mission necessitates the community, businesses, and individuals to unite in keeping Crystal River clean, with all proceeds from the evening going directly to benefiting the mission “to restore and protect Crystal River and Florida’s waterways for future generations.”

In addition, initiatives such as enhanced ecological education opportunities for children grades K-8 in Citrus County, responsible anchoring programs, as well as grass collection and repurposing efforts to feed manatees in rehabilitation centers will all benefit from the evening’s proceeds.

Why Go Green to Keep the Waters Clean?

Over the past ten years, Save Crystal River has championed the rehabilitation of Crystal River from a murky, Lyngbya infested waterway, unfit for vegetation growth and animal habitation into a thriving ecosystem, lush with eelgrass and reinhabited by manatees and other sea life.

What began as a pilot initiative known as the Kings Bay Restoration Project (KBRP) has blossomed into the planting of over 83 acres with native sea grasses, with a goal of 92 acres to be planted by the centennial anniversary of the City of Crystal River in July 2023.

Save Crystal River is in the process of permitting an additional 85 acres for restoration work on the salt marsh islands that protect the bay, a critical part of the manatee, fish, and bird ecosystem. Donations will help pay for grants to protect the salt marsh islands that protect the bay, a critical part of the manatee, fish, and bird ecosystem as well as collect floating eelgrass.  

This process of restoring the waters, planting, and protecting the eelgrass has created a plentiful food source for manatees and haven for several other aquatic species, reconfirming Crystal River’s moniker as “The Home of the Manatees.”

Other facts:

  • The manatees in Crystal River (Kings Bay), have been documented to be among the healthiest in the State of Florida by the US Geological Survey during their annual manatee health assessments conducted in Kings Bay.
  • In 2021 US Fish and Wildlife Service counted about 1,200 in Citrus County alone. Many are now year-round residents since there is an abundant food supply, clean water, and a safe environment for the mothers and calves.
  • The KBRP has provided an enormous food supply for manatees as well as a healthy habitat and an abundant return of game fish such as snook, bass, tarpon, as well as other species such as bream and crabs.

To learn more about Save Crystal River, to purchase tickets or to find out how to get involved or other ways to donate, please visit



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