Transit Drivers Hit the Road for 2023 Florida Triple Crown Bus “Road-eo”

Transit Drivers Hit the Road for 2023 Florida Triple Crown Bus “Road-eo”

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on April 11, 2023

Two Citrus County Transit (CCT) drivers travelled to participate in the 2023 Florida Triple Crown Bus Roadeo at Lynx Transportation in Orlando, Florida.

Transit Drivers Hit the Road for 2023 Florida Triple Crown Bus “Road-eo”

This event brings together employees from paratransit operations, fixed route operations, fixed route maintenance and paratransit maintenance, providing an opportunity for participants to expand their skill base and knowledge in the field. The annual event is a joint effort of the Florida Public Transportation Association (FPTA), the Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP), the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and the Florida Association of Coordinated Transit Systems (FACTS), hosted by LYNX.

  • Ann Osborn, an 18-year CCT employee, tied for 3rd place in Paratransit.
  • Joseph Garvin, who has driven for CCT for two years, placed 16th in Paratransit.

On Friday, March 31, all participants in the Paratransit went through Pre-Trip/Bus Inspection Training, Wheelchair Training Paratransit, and Paratransit Ops Training for Paratransit drivers, with a written test
to complete the day’s events.

Then on Saturday, April 1, the participants started their day with a driving course walk-through for all divisions. Paratransit participants also engaged in wheelchair securement and Paratransit Operator Pre-
Trip Inspection testing. After completing this section, they began the Paratransit Driving Course.

While there are awards for the top finishers, winning is not the primary reason for this competition. The
Florida Triple Crown Bus Roadeo is an opportunity to test limits, improve skill level, and provide an
opportunity to learn from peers.
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