Walk Through That Door

Walk Through That Door

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on September 24, 2022

”Change can come – embrace it and see where it leads to.” That was the advice that Bobby Read gave to a grassroots group of future business owners and entrepreneurs last Wednesday. 

Walk Through That Door

Bobby spoke about his life and the events that led him to begin his business in downtown Brooksville. Why did he make the leap to start his own business? When did he decide to make the pivotal leap into being a founder? How did he fair with the inevitable challenges along the way? Who inspired him to follow his journey? His audience was an engaged crowd of community that all are seeking for that *little bit* more out life. Defining purpose for yourself and creating value for ourselves, our family, and our community are the values distilled out of the conversations with various founders from Hernando County. 

Bobby spoke about the particular life event “…that built confidence in me that I never knew existed”.  At his athletic training facility, Bobby and other personal trainers work with residents to improve their own health and fitness. He’s not only about personal health gains, though, wants us all to know that.”Change can come – embrace it and see where it leads to.”

This event was held at the Historic Treiman House with the generosity of Karen Beasley and was hosted by Innovation Collective, Brooksville. Once a month, we gather for a night of storytelling from local entrepreneurs, exceptional citizens, civic leaders, and other innovative minds. It is a chance to hear their inspiring stories of trial and error, and get inspired by endless possibilities.  Doors open at 6pm, speaker begins at 6:30. There is no cost to attend.

[Innovation Collective] is a [grassroots economic initiative designed to bring the creators and innovators in one place to create value and a healthy vibrant community] 


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