What to do with your Trash in a Hurricane

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on September 6, 2017

The City of Inverness wishes to keep you safe as Hurricane Irma approaches.

Once the storm passes it is essential to get your solid waste and recycling (residential only) services started. The following tips for all residential and business customers of the City of Inverness.  We are here to assist you with post-storm collection.


  • Secure all garbage and recycling containers. Place containers in a secure location away from open spaces.
  • Stop all yard maintenance and tree trimming activities.
  • Bundle and tie down loose trash such as tree limbs, wood planks or building and roof tiles. Place these materials in a location where debris cannot become hazardous to homes and vehicles in high winds.
  • Collection will continue for household garbage and recycling materials in neighborhoods according to regular schedules unless sustainable winds reach 35 miles per hour. It may be necessary to suspend service at that time


  • If Hurricane Irma does directly impact your area, you must separate normal household garbage such as food, diapers and regular household waste from storm debris caused by high winds and rain. Storm debris, including tree limbs, carpet, aluminum, wood fencing and household appliances should be placed curbside in a separate pile.
  • Separating normal household waste from storm debris will allow employees to collect your household garbage more quickly and safely. The separation is also necessary because FEMA may cause other firms independent from your City Collection program, to collect your storm debris in accordance with arrangements by the local government to work with county and state agencies.
  • Curbside garbage collection for normal household waste will resume as soon as it is safe for large garbage trucks to be on the road. Initial focus will be on streets that are passable. We will look to expand routes to include additional areas as more streets become clear of debris and other impediments.

We want to assist you in every way possibly if severe weather strikes. Waste collection is essential for a community to begin recovery. Please look for more hurricane preparedness tips on www.ready.gov.



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