Why Smart Irrigation Month?

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on July 27, 2021

A typical morning routine involves a shower, cup of coffee, and the flow of a faucet. Many of us do not think twice about our water usage until we are confronted with a high water bill, increased irrigation restrictions, or lakes and rivers drying. Yet, with only 2.5% of the earth’s water drinkable, we must actively protect this precious commodity.

Why Smart Irrigation Month?

It is easy to point the finger at the actions of others, but we must also take a serious look in the mirror and make sure we are doing our part. July is Smart Irrigation Month. With over half of the county’s drinkable water going to our lawns and landscapes, smart irrigation needs to receive recognition.

How can we participate in Smart Irrigation Month? For those of us who do irrigate our lawns, plants, gardens, flowers, and landscapes, we can follow these simple steps to become more efficient: only irrigate when we need to, always have a functioning rain interrupting device so that the irrigation system is not running in the rain, and make sure the water is not hitting and/or running off onto sidewalks and streets. It is a good idea to perform quarterly walks of the irrigation system while it is running to ensure all is well. 

For additional advice, reach out to the Citrus County Department of Water Resources. It has an office focused on water conservation. When the time comes, consider upgrading the existing irrigation controller to a smart EPA Water Sense labeled model. Visit www.epa.gov/watersense for available products and rebates. Want to learn more about how best to operate an irrigation system? Register for the County’s Irrigation 101 course at https://ccufflprogram.eventbrite.com.

These simple steps will save a substantial amount of water in the end. Our decision to efficiently irrigate our landscape will positively impact our lives and those of generations to come.



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